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This page contains all the information about our Advertising policies. Below we have provided the different options for Advertisers. Have a look at the below-given info and Please contact us at We will be happy to work with you.

Site Statistics:

  • Unique Visitors: 3.5L+ /Month
  • MOZ DA: 23
  • Similarweb Rank: Global- 1,32,021
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  • Traffic Location: 50% India, 20% USA, 10% Canada, 8% UK, 12% Other.


Telegram Channel & Group Promotion at the Lowest Cost

No. Of Telegram Channel/GroupCost
One Telegram promotion20$
Two Telegram promotion38$
Three Telegram Promotion51$
Four Telegram Promotion64$
Five Telegram Promotion75$
Ten Telegram Promotion140$

Special Note:-

Please don’t mail us if your budget is less than $15. So if you want to promote anything on our website then ask in the mail. Also, gambling or casino website promotion is not allowed. Thanks