250+ Best Drishti IAS Telegram Group Link (Jun 2024)

Best Drishti IAS Telegram Group Link 2024: In this section, we have shared with you one of the best selections of Drishti IAS Telegram channels for UPSC exam preparation. If you are a UPSC candidate then you must know about them. This is the best and most popular institute of UPSC from where many candidates are selected.

In Drishti IAS, students are provided the best education for UPSC IAS. The teacher’s way of teaching is so practical that the students understand it easily and study it with interest. And all the important things related to study are provided.

Friends, both free and paid study material of Drishti IAS has been made available to all of you in the list of Telegram groups and channels given below. We have searched and presented before you the most popular list of Drishti IAS Telegram groups and channels.

We have covered many topics for UPSC through Telegram like Current Affairs, UPSC Exam Preparation, IAS Study Materials, Daily News Updates, Interview Guidance, General Studies, Mains Answer writing, Optional Subjects, Study Material Sharing, Time Management & Study techniques, Motivational and Inspirational content and more.

Active Drishti IAS Telegram Group & Channel List

Channel NameJoin Link
Insights IAS Test Series 2024 2025Join Link
IAS Drishti GroupJoin Link
Drishti IAS OfficialJoin Link
InNews drishti IASJoin Link
History (DRISHTI IAS)Join Link
UPSC Telegram LinkJoin Link
Drishti PCSJoin Link
InNews drishti IASJoin Link
English (Information & Motivation)Join Link
SSC Telegram LinkJoin Link
Indepth Drishti IASJoin Link
PT Special Revision 2024Join Link
Drishti IAS Psychology VideosJoin Link
Study Telegram LinkJoin Link
Drishti IAS Geography Videos LecturesJoin Link
Drishti IAS – English (Daily Current Affairs)Join Link
Daily Newspaper Analysis Drishti IASJoin Link
Dristi IAS द विज़नJoin Link
Govt Jobs Telegram LinkJoin Link

More Drishti IAS Telegram Group Link

The Rules of Drishti IAS Telegram Groups

Here are some guidelines for Drishti IAS Telegram groups that must be followed. If you follow this guidance, you will be a member of this platform for a long time.

  • Please treat the group admin and members with respect.
  • Fighting and violence are not allowed.
  • Please contact the group admin for any concerns.
  • There will be no options for promotion.
  • Illegal or religious garbage is not permitted to be sent.
  • It is not allowed to send false or invalid content.

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How To Join Drishti IAS Telegram Channels and Groups?

If you don’t know how to become a member of the Telegram channel or group. So don’t worry, we made it easy for you here are instructions to easily join Drishti IAS Telegram channels or Groups.

  1. The First step is, to download the Telegram application on your smartphone.
  2. Then register the Telegram account and sign in there.
  3. Select your favorite Drishti IAS Telegram group/channel from the list above.
  4. Click on the join button, If you want to participate in this group.
  5. Super! You have now a member of your selected Drishti IAS Telegram channel.

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The Benefit of Joining Drishti IAS Telegram Groups or Channels

Joining Drishti IAS Telegram Groups or Channels can be extremely beneficial for users. As you can read the below instructions of benefit.

  1. Instant access to new courses, live classes, and changes to the platform.
  2. Networking with other learners and Study experts.
  3. Opportunity to ask questions and get answers from experts in the field.
  4. Access to exclusive offers, discounts, and promotions.
  5. Get notifications and reminders about upcoming courses.
  6. Keep up to date with the latest educational directions.


The Drishti IAS Telegram groups and channels mentioned above provide fantastic chances for students to learn and interact with professors, subject-matter experts, and professionals in their professions. So you can instantly join the channel or group and take advantage of them.

If you have any queries or ideas regarding Drishti IAS Telegram Groups, please feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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